Tesheika Lee
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Ms. Tesheika Lee started working at Polatsek, Counsellors at Law in August 2019. She is meticulous in preparing both family-based and employment-based immigrant and non-immigrant petitions and is dedicated to serving our clients with professionalism and respect throughout the entire process, from intake to adjudication.

An immigrant herself, Ms. Lee was born in Jamaica and first migrated to the United States when she was 5 years old. She returned to Jamaica at 10 years and has been permanently residing in the U.S. since the age of 12. She is now a proud US citizen and enjoys filing naturalization applications for our clients to become citizens too.

She graduated from Broward College with an Associate in Science in Paralegal Studies and began her career in the legal field in 2012 with the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission as a Research Assistant, then with the Palm Beach County Public Defender’s Office as a Re-entry Pre-Release Counselor to assist incarcerated individuals with successful transition upon their release. She has a passion for serving those in need of services to reach their goals and improve their lives.

In her spare time, Ms. Lee enjoys being with her children, watching movies, &reading books.